Common LISP bindings for Libvirt

Lispvirt is a Common Lisp bindings for Libvirt which is a C library designed to provide tools and facilites for virtualization, independently of hypervisors and platforms.

This Lisp library is using cl-cffi to access some methods of libvirt library.


Lispvirt has many requirements.

For Common Lisp:

  • slime
  • cl-cffi
  • cl-alexandria
  • cl-babel
  • cl-asdf
  • cl-launch

For libvirt:

  • libvirt (>= 1.2)

For testing:

  • cl-xlunit

For examples:

  • cl-xmls


If you want to clone the lisvirt code for using, contributing or testing, you can clone our repository hosted at GitHub.

Using HTTPS:

  • git clone

Using GIT protocol:

  • git clone git://


To install Lispvirt into the correct place, use the commands provided by Makefile.

  • sudo make install

If you decided to clean Lispvirt from the system, there is a clean option to do it.

  • sudo make clean

The installation process will add the libraries into the directory used by Common Lisp to load its modules using cl-asdf.


If you enable testing you just need to lead the module lispvirt-tests.

It will force load the module and run the tests into the test case class.

To load this module you need to install the test module. There is an option into Makefile to install the module.

  • sudo make install_tests


If you want to contribute with Lispvirt, please contact us: Julio Faracco or José Roberto.

You can find us accessing any social media. The links are on footer.

Any contribution would be very helpful to our project.